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Morocco travel agency

Title: Morocco travel agency
URL: https://www.trulymorocco.com/
Description: It’s the Morocco vacation all others will aspire to. Morocco is a country of spellbinding diversity – an exotic kingdom of Imperial Cities, sweeping deserts, vibrant cultures and colors that defy imagination. Morocco is a kingdom governed by Parliament. Steep yourself in history and heritage in any of Morocco’s major cities.The capitol city of Rabat is where most governmental affairs are administrated. Casablanca, considered the economic epicenter, is the country’s most populace city and home to the prosperous and paupers alike. Imperial city, Fes, functioned as the capitol several times over throughout various dynastic rule and boasts the oldest known university in the world. Attracting scholars and artisans alike this dynamic city is a must during your visit to Morocco. Located at the feet of the majestic Atlas Mountains, Marrakech to the south is known to be the most diverse and dazzling city in Morocco. Fragrant spice bazaars and ornate palaces collide to make this city a cultural mecca for all senses. One of the prettiest places to visit among the lush agriculture and Rif mountains to the north is the blue town of Chefchaouen. It offers a more laid back alternative to any of it’s more popular counterparts. Port town and gateway to Europe, Tangier, is a destination with a culture all it’s own. Lose yourself in this enchanting city of flavor and fragrance. Explore narrow passages of the souk in the medina where you’ll have to share lanes with donkeys and motor bikes as you haggle for the best of Moroccan souvenirs if it’s spices, carpets, ceramics, Argan oil, or a comfy pair of babouches (slippers). Spend the day enjoying a cultural tour of ancient palaces and tombs or museums and gardens. Resting at the foot of the glorious Atlas mountains, Marrakech is a diverse melting pot of indigenous Berber civilization blended with expats from all over the world. It is as delicious and flavorful as the signature Moroccan tagine. Tantalize all of your senses with a Truly Morocco visit to Marrakech, where many tours begin and end.

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